Bender Potatoes taste Better

Locally Grown

Does location affect taste?

Incredible Value

Nutrition. Cost. Versatility.

Special Varieties

What’s the difference?

Bender Potatoes is ready to supply you with great tasting potatoes!

We pack and distribute year round in a large selection of varieties and sizes.

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Bender Organically Planted Potatoes

We finished our 2015 planting season Friday afternoon on a .2 acre test plot. PSU...
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2015 Plowing Season

The season has finally changed from winter to spring. Change can be hard, but change...
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3.31.15 Public Opinion Article

Jim Hook wrote and article for the Public Opinion on March 31, 2015 titled –...
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Central Penn Business Journal

On March 30, 2015 John Hilton wrote an article that the editors titled ‘Owners: Bender’s...